The most sought after philharmonic performances, the famous baby concerts, began today at the Belgrade Philharmonic, and the orchestra will play for them in two terms until Friday.

Together with conductor Aleksandar Kojic, the Philharmonic performs a lullaby Symphony to the delight of the youngest who curiously watch the orchestra and play on the mat. The Belgrade Philharmonic Hall has been transformed into a trolley parking lot and the hall into a real music playroom.

Tickets for the April concerts, as they say at the Philharmonic, have long been split. They have been in great interest since September when they were first organized.

This season the Philharmonic has organized over 20 concerts, not only in Belgrade. In cooperation with the Matica Srpska Gallery, every first Saturday of the month the Philharmonic ensembles also play for the Novi Sad babies.

Although this is the last cycle of the season, the Philharmonic continues their baby concerts and the next one, when they will be honored with a new repertoire.

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